Birthday Parties to Camera Tricks,
Pleasant Smiles and Expressive Eyes,
Cheap Liquor to Exquisite Coffee,
Waterfalls and Dew Drops,
A Path Walked,
With Twigs and Logs,
And Grizzly Bears.
As I Stand on the Wall,
The Wall that Reflects,
What Do I See?
The Reflection of U and Me!
Nothing’s Changed,
Nothing Should,
For I’m Still the Same,
Are U?


French Fries & Onion Rings

Meet Him,
Meet Her,
Stand and Greet,
Sit and Chat,
The Fat Lady Sings,
Drink and then Eat,
My French Fries,
And Onion Rings.
Conversation Continues,
Life Goes On,
Leave Some Back,
Take Some Forth.

Walk The Line

Through Life,
A Thin Line we Walk
Black and White
Love and Hate
Truth and Lies
Do we Fall Prey to the Bad?
Or do we live safe?
A Thin Line we Walk,
Do we Pick a Side?
We Cannot Ignore the Other,
For Two Sides Exist to Every Coin.
So, Do we Pick a Side?
Or do we Just
Walk the Line?

~Poetry by Anjana Menon

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