Lost Soles

In the stride
The soles begin to hole.
Through the journey
They travel with me
Closer than my diary.
They touch,
Like my eyes can see.
Feel too and Get dirty.
Fresh and clean,
Leaving me high on
Dancing oranges
And Ritzy pinks.
Walk along the starry nights.
And a trail of shimmering lights.
With me silently
Comforting happily
All the time.

~Poetry by Priyanka Daga


We Did What We Did,
What You Eventually Undid,
We Dreamt a Thousand Dreams,
We Thought a Million Things,
You Were My Best Friend,
I Loved You More than the World,
Until Everything Unfurled,
The Minute I Turned,
Like Brutus You Struck,
You Stopped My Heart,
You Stole My Soul,
And Now Left Me Torn,
You Fill Up Your Eyes,
As If Nothing at All,
Like I’m Going to Say Yes,
You Ask For Forgiveness,
Like I Owe it to You,
When I know Everything's Untrue,
To Err is Human, To Forgive Divine,
Now I Cant Forgive,
Cause I'm Only Human,
Far From Divine.



Wet Earth,
Spinning Around,
The Touch of Mankind,
His Control,
The Creator of Sorts,
His Art,
His Bread.


Birthday Parties to Camera Tricks,
Pleasant Smiles and Expressive Eyes,
Cheap Liquor to Exquisite Coffee,
Waterfalls and Dew Drops,
A Path Walked,
With Twigs and Logs,
And Grizzly Bears.
As I Stand on the Wall,
The Wall that Reflects,
What Do I See?
The Reflection of U and Me!
Nothing’s Changed,
Nothing Should,
For I’m Still the Same,
Are U?


French Fries & Onion Rings

Meet Him,
Meet Her,
Stand and Greet,
Sit and Chat,
The Fat Lady Sings,
Drink and then Eat,
My French Fries,
And Onion Rings.
Conversation Continues,
Life Goes On,
Leave Some Back,
Take Some Forth.