Birthday Parties to Camera Tricks,
Pleasant Smiles and Expressive Eyes,
Cheap Liquor to Exquisite Coffee,
Waterfalls and Dew Drops,
A Path Walked,
With Twigs and Logs,
And Grizzly Bears.
As I Stand on the Wall,
The Wall that Reflects,
What Do I See?
The Reflection of U and Me!
Nothing’s Changed,
Nothing Should,
For I’m Still the Same,
Are U?


Anju said...

I like the poem :)

Percy said...

Wow now that POEM has tons of meaning to it hmmmmmmmmmmm now i know you a poet as well :)

inside the tunnels said...

nostalgia. happy feelings. special moments. good food. dancing. singing too. conversations. romance. rides. beaches and sands.

so much in the picture and so much more in the words. delightful!
thank you

moulshree said...

you are a pro at clicking portrait pics..her eyes express naughtiness..i like this shot:-)