Amrit said...

the picture, is exquisite.

but the poem, my oh my, it takes one's breath away.

Sanchita said...

Love the pic, love the poem even more.. Brilliant stuff.

Anju said...

I'm with Sanchita.. Amazing poem.. And the picture is priceless!

inside the tunnels said...

Being unsure was inviting
Assurance killed it,
Came along fear
Of having and losing.
Fear lets nothing thrive.

The pain is comforting
You’re around.
Moments are no more
Tar is changing to sand.

If you were hurt
It wasn’t me.
Was surely the ugly angst.
Let things be.
We will know what can.

What is lost
Is’nt richer than
What we have found.
Hope remains.
I can still hold your hand.

Yogi said...

I was the Genie,
It was always me,
I thought i was Strong,
Right now I'm as Weak as Weak can be,
I'm stuck no more,
i feel free,
i now know,
it was never u,
and never me!

inside the tunnels said...

muah! love it..
u have found ur genie, and its you.

Ajay Kumar K.S. said...

i loved this picture , i just keep wondering how it would look from an another angle. would it have been any more beautiful than this one? only you can answer that i guess :)