We Did What We Did,
What You Eventually Undid,
We Dreamt a Thousand Dreams,
We Thought a Million Things,
You Were My Best Friend,
I Loved You More than the World,
Until Everything Unfurled,
The Minute I Turned,
Like Brutus You Struck,
You Stopped My Heart,
You Stole My Soul,
And Now Left Me Torn,
You Fill Up Your Eyes,
As If Nothing at All,
Like I’m Going to Say Yes,
You Ask For Forgiveness,
Like I Owe it to You,
When I know Everything's Untrue,
To Err is Human, To Forgive Divine,
Now I Cant Forgive,
Cause I'm Only Human,
Far From Divine.


Anju said...

A long journey we started,
The wrong path I chose,
The dreams we dreamt
Forever hold close
With strong belief
Time will close the holes.
More than world
My love still holds.
Shredded to pieces,
Lies my soul
Of none but my own accord.
Every journey has twists,
To me friendship and love
Know no twists or barriers.
Bigger than the world,
Bigger than forgiveness.
I lie in a ditch,
You lie in another.
Which one of us
Can help the other?
I see no future
Without being stitched back
By you.

Sanchita said...

Powerful writing. Love it Yogi.

Anju said...

I agree.. That poem really hit me.. Its brilliant.. So simple yet so honest.. And touching...

Anju said...

I ask myself, is anything real?
Or is everything left to us?
I ask myself, was it all real?
I know my answer. It was.
It was a dream come true.
Yet, I keep asking myself.
Not time, not age will make me forget
The imprint of your hands upon my soul
I ask myself, is it the end of the beginning?
The end of anything that could have?
I ask myself, how could i?
I see the anger and pain in my soul
Mirrored in your eyes,
I ask myself, how could I?
I see no answer that naught selfish,
But to err is human.
To forgive may be divine,
For I see you and I see us
As more than mere divinity.
A beautiful journey we started
I took my own path, lost my way
And lost the reason for my journey
A cruel fate, yet I stretch out
To find myself.
Now, I face the unknown
Most may choose to go back
But I have lost my way
I see only darkness,
Yet, I hope that at the end,
The light I see, is you.
I ask myself, is it real?
I know my answer.
But the future is not written in stone.
Will I ever wake up from this nightmare?
I hope. But will you be there?
If not, I see no reason to wake.
I see no reason.

Ritz said...

Very touching n well written Yogi..lovely..

Amrit said...

I had no idea you could write as well as the pictures you take... :-)

Priyanka Khot said...

the connect that you've established with the photo and the poem is amazing... which inspired which, I am intrigued?

Yogi said...

Well it was the pic and my present state of mind(at that point) that inspired the poem.